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About 1C Company and 1C:Enterprise

1C Company, our partner, is the largest software company in Russia specializing in the development of business applications. More than 1.5 million organizations are automated on the 1C platform, including organizations in the field of health and education. 1C Company is the developer of 1C:Enterprise – a universal cloud and on premise system of programs for automating business operational activities – which will be introduce in the Philippines via the 1C Skills Camp Philippines. Read more about 1C Company via https://1c.com/.

1C Company and wecollab are targeting to bring the event on a national level while having the objective to involve and help the community. This year’s theme focuses on CommApps | The Community Apps Development Competition with the purposes of introducing the 1C:Enterprise platform while being of service to different communities of the Philippines. Right now, we have three communities or beneficiaries to start with.

1C:Enterprise Business Application Development Platform will be exclusively used to build the community apps. Read more about 1C:Enterprise via http://1centerprise.com/.

1C Company and 1C:Enterprise

1C Skills Camp Philippines

wecollab | 1C Skills Camp Philippines

1C Skills Camp Philippines’ objectives are to improve the skills of participants/students, to expose them in new technologies, and train them with the industry-standard skill set. Participants of the 1C Skills Camp Philippines will undergo:

  • Hands-on Training and Skills Competition (Technical Skills)
  • Community Service (Life Skills)
  • Team Building (Social Skills)


  • Skills Camp Year 1 and 2 were focused on IT-related Skills – Software, Web, and Multimedia/Graphics Development. We also offered team building, community service, talent showcase, and hands-on training (related to the competitions plus other fields like Photography). Skills Camp 1 and 2 was staged in ACLC College Baliuag.
  • For Year 3, aside from IT or Computer Studies, we opened the event with other skills or departments – Business and Accounting, Tourism and Hospitality. Skills Camp 3 was showcased in ACLC College Baliuag and Malolos.
  • For Year 4, we will be focusing on developing apps that will help the community using 1C:Enterprise as the featured new business development platform/technology for app development. This time, together with 1C Company, 1C Skills Camp Philippines will be brought on a national level.


This year’s theme will be CommApps | The Community Apps Development Competition. Where, first, 1C:Enterprise will be introduced as a new and one of the best alternative platform in Business/App Development for Desktop, Web, and Mobile. Second, the competition will be focused on developing apps that will be of service to the community.


  1. Change the way in developing apps by using 1C:Enterprise Business Application Development Platform that is an easy and better alternative in creating desktop, web, and mobile apps.
  2. Change the way on how community deal with life by developing an app that will help them ease daily work or activities and improve their life.


The subject of this competition is to develop apps that can help the community. It acts like a community service at the same time. There will be three target beneficiaries for this edition which will serve the following organizations:

Partnering with Older Persons to address their issues on poverty, exclusion, and invisibility since 1989.


LoveYourself believes that self-worth is key to building an empowered community. Focusing on HIV Testing, Education, and Prevention.


A private, non-stock, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of mental health and prevention of mental disorders.



The Participants
We will have competitors/students and experts/professionals/freelancers (with or without experience with skills competitions).

Categories and Groupings
There will be two categories: Professional (including Freelancers) and Student. The participants, who will be in group of 3 members (Project Manager / Expert, Developer 1 / Technical Documentation Writer, and Developer 2 / Presenter), must register on the website with their personal and professional information.

The participants will undergo several trainings and then proceed to next phases until the final phase of the competition. There will be assigned wecollab/shift101 developer and 1C developer which will handle the participants/groups.




  • Community Apps must be exclusively developed using 1C:Enterprise.
  • All apps must be original.
  • All apps and any of its flow must not, in anyway, have a negative effect with other individuals or communities.
  • App must be focused on the community problem and the possible solution.


  • Participants must have their travel insurance (if needed).
  • Schedules are subject to change within the duration of event.
  • Participants must have their own laptops.
  • Travel Expense to be reimbursed at the final phase.

Please let us know what you think.

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